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Recipe of the Month:
Broccoli Cauliflower Confetti

The Wizard EXPOSED!
When Dorothy and her crew arrived in Oz, they found out that the "all-powerful" wizard was a fraud and he was exposed. It is the same with the foods that we are eating today. Not all foods are nourishing to the body. It is important to expose the truth if we want to remain healthy.

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Broccoli Cauliflower Salad
One might ask, "How do you use broccoli and cauliflower?" Most people just eat it cooked or some will eat it chopped up on a salad. BORING!!! This salad is pretty to look at and delicious to the palate. It is a great side dish for your Summer Bar-B-Que!

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Dave & Amberlee's
Gardening Adventures

Musings from

Organic Gardening
Growing your own Organic vegetables is fun, economical and rewarding. Organic vegetables are more nutritious (boasting up to 40% higher levels of some nutrients), free of neurotoxins, better for the planet and you know how fresh it is when you harvest it yourself.

Growing your own vegetables enables you to know exactly what is going into the growing process. You are in control of how healthy your plants are - by providing them with good quality soil, compost, plenty of water and sunshine and using only natural methods of pest and weed control.

Maddy's Musings
Can't find ripe avocados?
Don't be afraid to buy hard avocados. You can ripen them overnight by putting them into a brown paper bag with a ripe banana.

The banana emits ethylene gas and will ripen the avocado in 24 hours. Just make sure the bag is closed well.

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