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Aortic Aneurism and Low Kidney Function Improved in 8 Months

Article of the Month
"Let the Sun Shine In"

Aortic Aneurism and Low Kidney Function Improved in 8 Months
Pastor Hailey discovered the benefits of a plant-based and juicing diet. He and his doctors were amazed when all of the numbers from his lab work were in normal range (for the first time in years)!

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Let the Sun Shine In!
Have you heard the main-stream idea that the sun is bad for you? We are told to avoid it even though there are many benefits to getting a moderate amount of sun each day.

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Dave & Amberlee's
Gardening Adventures

Musings from

Saving Your Abundant Herbs
When you grow your herbs in plenty of quality, organic soil and give them the right conditions, they will flourish beyond your ability to consume them! Rather than letting them go to waste you can actually dehydrate them and store them for future use.

To preserve the flavor of your herbs you need to be sure to use a very low temperature setting in your dehydrator. Most herbs can be dried at 95 degrees.

There are slightly different instructions for each variety of herbs. The book, "Preserve it Naturally," contains more detailed instructions on each type.

Dehydrating Basil

Prepare your basil leaves by washing them and then allowing them to dry on the counter. If they are still wet when you dehydrate them, they may turn brown. Spread the leaves on the trays so they are not touching. Dehydrate at 95 degrees until the leaves are crisp enough to crumble in your hand.

Maddy's Musings
Natural Weed Killer
This is a great way to control weeds in your garden without harmful chemicals or GMO made products.


1 Gallon of White Vinegar
1 pound of table salt
8 drops of liquid dish detergent

Dissolve salt in the vinegar then add 8 drops of detergent. Make sure all ingredients are mixed well before applying.

A second application might be necessary for those tough weeds that are holding on for dear life! Be careful not to spray on your flowers or herbs  -- this mixture will kill them.

Finally a safe way to deal with weeds without harming people or pets!

Happy Gardening!

Recipe of the Month:
Pesto Raw Pasta Salad

Rip Esselstyn Spoke
at Whole Foods

Broccoli Cauliflower Salad
Here is another fabulous way to use all of your extra basil! This "salad" is very pretty and tasty! Using the Spiral Vegetable Slicer you can make a beautiful pasta-like design out of your vegetables!

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Rip Esselstyn
We took a group of 12 people to see Rip Esselstein, author of "The Engine 2 Diet." Once again it was confirming to hear that a plant based diet generates better health and better lifestyles. Rip also served 4 or 5 recipes from his new book, "My Beef with Meat". It was an enjoyable evening out.

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