Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center
Guest Comments

Angie T

Angie T. – Avon Park, FL
“I had accepted that my MS disability would get worse and I expected the quality of my life to decline. One of the hardest things everyday was to tell my four year old boy that mommy cannot play outside with him. Today, after the five days with you guys, I know that I have a chance to change the seas of despair I was drowning in.’

Gladys G

Gladys G. – Avon Park, FL
“I have no words to express my gratitude for what you have done for my daughter, Angie. I have seen the hope expressed in worlds of encouragement and hope in her lips. God uses your family to give us all hope.”

Diana S

Diana S. – Ocala, FL
“Wow – what a week! Cancer is a frightening word, especially when it is your daughter. Thank you for loving us like Jesus does. The food is awesome, the hands-on training priceless and the company is wonderful.”

Alissa S

Alissa S. – Ocala, FL
“ I came here hoping to find more hope – and I did! Your lessons and your guidance in the kitchen have empowered me to go home and enjoy the Hallelujah lifestyle. God knew even before I was diagnosed with breast cancer that I would be coming through your home. And He knows when and how this lifestyle will make me healthy again.”

Mahlon & Toni

Mahlon & Toni - Bradenton, FL
Oh the joy in our hearts! To come here has been a blessing that only God could have concerned for us. Within two days there was relief from my arthritis after years of severe pain.  How simple the "Recipe"  God and His perfect food! We know Toni is on her way to a miraculous healing and we thank God before hand for it is written, "We walk by faith and not by sight." We will keep you in our prayers every day for you are a blessing and others who will come here will need "your oasis of hope."


Agnes Susan (from Kenya) - London, England 
I think this is one of the most educating lectures I have ever experienced - especially when you consider it saves lives and the quality of lives. In just five days, my severe arthritis and shoulder pains are gone, my blood sugar levels came down and my high blood pressure cam down.


Jackie H. - Knoxville, TN  
This has been an incredible week. I came to the Florida Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center with the idea that I would probably adapt some aspects of the program, but no way would I give up caffeine, eggs, cheese or fish! I have changed my mind. Since I can tell such a BIG difference in my arm and shoulder pain in only a few short days, I can certainly do this. I would not trade the pain relief for the caffeine, cheese and fish. This has been a real eye opener for me.


Nicky F. - Pepper Pike, OH 
I was a "doubting Thomas" when I arrived but I'm leaving feeling well equipped to carry on and enjoy it.


Debi – Florida
David & Sherry opened up their home and their heart. I was treated like family. The program helps build your confidence and to view how simple this lifestyle change can be.


Dave – New Hampshire
I’ve been a vegan for 10 months and juicing for 6 but coming to this place has made all the difference. I feel empowered, lost weight, cut my pain medication by 75% and, most importantly, know that I can do this lifestyle.  The food was simple, diverse, elegantly presented and tasted fantastic.


Joyce – Ohio
This week has been amazing – I’m not a good cook but after a week with Sherry & Dave, I feel comfortable sharing my new cooking talent with family and friends. I enjoyed our group of new friends – I will remember them always. This has been one of my best vacations. I highly recommend it for your body and spirit.


Scott – Florida
Thank you for giving me hope for a life without constant pain. The week was beyond all my expectations.


Kelly - Ohio
My experience at the Lifestyle Center was more than I could have ever imagined! I came with a respiratory illness taking many medications and multiple breathing treatments daily. I am leaving on 1/2 my medications and haven’t taken a breathing treatment for two days.  Hallelujah!


Shea - Florida
This was the most enjoyable week of my life. It was encouraging for me to realize that there were people in this world (Dave & Sherry) who bought these amazing accommodations just for people like me. A place where people could go and learn how to improve their lives and get well. I was spoiled rotten and given life obtaining knowledge and I loved  it!


Sheila - Bahamas
The meals were a grand affair!


Rita – New Hampshire
I came to the center to learn how to support my husband in his fight to cure Stage 4 Cancer. I was amazed to learn how this lifestyle has brought healing to many people. I saw changes in my ability to fall asleep and my energy level increased in just the five days. I am sold on the belief that this is God’s answer to healthy living.


Elroy – Florida
The Orcutts have a ministry that rescues not only the physical needs, but the mental and spiritual as well. God knew I needed Him and directed me to their warm home.


Kathryn – Florida
I came not sure if I could live without chicken and fish!! Now I leave knowing that I can not only live without chicken and fish but I will be eating like a queen and my husband will surely think he is a King! The best part was we ate so well and I lost 4 lbs. If you are considering coming to the Plant City Lifestyle Center – don’t hesitate – pack your bags – Set your date – JUST DO IT!  You’ll love it.  Have a Blessed experience.


Carleen – Maine
I want to live here until the Lord takes me home! Just so I don’t have to be sick! An unbelievable experience! Physically, emotionally and spiritually fed and educated. Renewal of mind! Rejuvenated body! Revived Spirit! Praise the Lord and Pass the Carrot Juice!


Tessa – New York
My week with the Orcutt family was an exceptional journey inward in the comfort of a beautiful home and most importantly, in the company and under the guidance of an inspired family. The experience was filled with learning and delicious food, as well as many moments of camaraderie and heart-felt encouragement.

Pastor Michael & Monica Sustar

Pastor Michael & Monica Sustar - Arizona
When Michael was diagnosed with MS, I was determined to help him fight but I did not know how. I did not feel good for one minute about injections for the rest of his life. I prayed and God started to show me diet change was the answer. We enjoyed every minute at Dave & Sherry’s Lifestyle Center. I know that God will heal Michael but I also know that He expects us to do our part. Thank you for giving us hope and guidance.


Gail – Iowa
This week was better than any cruise ship I’ve been on.


Simone – Maine
Awesome experience! Getting set on the right track – clear direction with like minded people to work with! Thank you for your dedication – a God send in our lives.


Sylvia - Florida
Your ministry is RAWSOME! Five days of my life that will never be forgotten. I’ve started a new pathway of life.


Rosemary - Florida
Thank you so much for your expertise in the areas of diet and lifestyle. I have now settled into my daily routine of eating and exercise – I walk every other day. In August 2008 my pH was 7.0, weight 138 (a weight loss of 8.5 lbs). Upon arrival at  Dave & Sherry’s Lifestyle Center my blood pressure was 158 / 86 (on meds) and now is 125 / 70 with a pulse that went from 68 to 50. Praise God. Thank you for allowing God to use you in this wonderful ministry and may He bless you and yours richly.