Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center
General Information

Dave & Sherry owned and opperated the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Florida from 2004-2015. In this time, they helped people from all over the world renew their health and rebuild their immune system by detoxing their body and flooding the body with high-quality nutrients.

They now offer seminars and classes where they share their experience and knowledge with practical and easy life-changing information. Click here for more information.

The Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center is the quickest and easiest way to learn the Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle. It is a wonderful experience where you learn, hands-on, how to Renew your mind, Rebuild your body, and Revive your health.

Florida is a great place to visit any time of the year. We sit on six beautiful country acres. The long, private drive leading to the property makes it even more peaceful. We offer five unique guest bedrooms in a bed and breakfast atmospere, each decorated and designed with care. There is plenty to do on your mid-afternoon break, such as swim in our refreshing swimming pool, lay out in the hammock or relax on one of our benches.

This is The Vacation That Can Change Your Life!  What if the souvenir you bring home from your next “vacation of a lifetime” is the entree to a lifetime of good health?  During a five or twelve day stay at the Lifestyle Center, guests live the life through hands-on, practical experience – preparing food, eating as God instructed in Genesis 1:29, exercising, sharing thoughts and laughter with others, and spending quiet time in reflection and relaxation.

Many people struggle with how to do this Hallelujah Lifestyle Change but find, through this program, it is much easier than first perceived. The food is delicious, easy to prepare and the fellowship of learning with other health-minded individuals makes this a wonderful NEW journey with God.