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Deb Williamson

Breast Cancer - Pathology Report Shows No More Cancer
This Holy Spirit led woman was clearly directed that the answer to her cancer problem was the Hallelujah Diet. She stepped out in faith and obedience and remembered the words of Hippocrates, "Let food be thy medicine!"


"But . . . I Don’t Eat Rabbit Food"
Most of his life, Henry was having a good time with his meat and potato diet and living the good life. Life was good until he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer after a routine exam in November of 2010. His PSA count was 33.7. It was a surprising diagnosis as he did not display any symptoms...


“I’m a teenager that HAD brain cancer!”
"As a young man my life had taken quite a turn. Most kids my age may never know what I have faced. I stand on my mountain and fear not! I know Christ is with me and the knowledge He has given me was to do MY PART in my body and He would keep me healed."

Claudia Gomez

Story of Love: Cancer Came Into My Life
Claudia Gomez Update: In the presence of God, asking the Holy Spirit to guide my mind, I’m going to try to write this beautiful adventure of the love of God towards man. God’s love is always within our lives. Our problem is that we think that his love is only with us when good....

Claudia Gomez

Cancerous Football-Sized Tumor is GONE!
Claudia Gomez: My family and I were visiting friends in Spain for two months. I started to notice that my left leg was getting heavier and that the back part was getting bigger. No woman wants bigger thighs! The first doctor I went to told me that it was a piece of fat. FAT? ...

Jill Hargis

"Farah and I Have Something in Common!"
Jill Hargis: In early September 2008 I found out I had colon cancer after I had my first “baseline” colonoscopy at 52 years old. So much for routine procedures! Actually, the tumor was in the anal canal and fits in the ‘colorectal cancer’ group, so I usually only tell people...

Georgie Zentmeyer

Freedom From Cancer and Fear
Georgie Zentmeyer: I was diagnosed in July 2007 with Colon Cancer – Stage 3 and a 9.5 cancer marker. My tumor was the size of a man’s thumb - it had gone through the wall of the colon and I chose to have the tumor surgically removed. Against my wishes, they also removed...

Cydell McGhie

I told the doctor, "You won't find anything!"
Cydell was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2006. The doctors filled her with fear and she elected to follow their plans. After that, she found out about the Hallelujah Lifestyle and today she boldly proclaims, "I don't worry about cancer returning any more! I am doing my part and God will do the rest!"

Leslie Kirchmeier

Regular Bloodwork Continues to Show I am Free of Cancer
Leslie Kirchmeier: In June of 2000 I was diagnosed with stage-2 cervical cancer. I was emotionally devastated and immediately fell to my knees asking God, “why me?” Here I was in my mid-30s with a great husband and a teenage daughter—whom I feared would have to...

Bill Sheffield

Prostate Cancer & Macular Degeneration Disappeared
Bill Sheffield: My journey began when my wife, Joan, and I decided to do something with our health. The fad at the time was a “high protein diet.”  It had the usual appeal – we could eat all the meat we wanted!  I stayed on that diet for 8 ½ years.  In the meantime, I had lost...

Andre Kupfermunz

Raw Food Diet Has Transformed my Life
Andre Kupfermunz: I was raised in Belgium on a Mediterranean Diet. We came to the states in 1990 for three weeks to find an agent for my art work and eighteen years later we are still here. I ate a macrobiotic, rice base and sushi diet.  My brother was a raw foodest and one day...