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“I’m a teenager that HAD brain cancer!”
"As a young man my life had taken quite a turn. Most kids my age may never know what I have faced. I stand on my mountain and fear not! I know Christ is with me and the knowledge He has given me was to do MY PART in my body and He would keep me healed."

Laura Grubbs

Symptom Free from Lymes Disease and my Hallelujah Twins
Laura Grubbs: THE BEST BLESSED DIET - My story starts a few years ago, in 2003.  I was already a Health Conscious person seeking a career in the nutritional health industry, also I was in the process of preparing my body for pregnancy.  I found out about the Back to Eden...

Michael & Stephanie Keller

A Raw Food Pregnancy: Growing a Healthy Baby
Michael & Stephanie Keller: Our journey to a raw (living) food lifestyle began a few years ago, with a divinely inspired quest to eat as God intended us to eat. This started with an elimination of certain foods such as, Pork, shellfish, etc. Shortly after God revealed to us His strong...

Eliyah Keller

"Welcome" to Hallelujah's Baby Eliyah!
Eliyah Keller: The end of my pregnancy wasn't too bad. I was a little bigger of course so the baby was pressed against my stomach making it hard to eat or even digest anything. So I did have much discomfort in that area, but other than that, all was good...

Sharon Richards

Overcomes Sinusitis, Asthma & Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Sharon Richards: Let me tell you about my grandson, Aiden (picture – 9 months).  My daughter has been about 85% vegetarian for years, and she juices.  She consumes no dairy at all.  When she found out she was pregnant with Aiden, she eliminated all animal products ...


Scotty's New Independence from "Mad" Spells
Scotty: I have been asked time and time again to write down the testimony of my youngest son, Scotty.  Scotty came into this world with a set of lungs that could wake the entire neighborhood.  He also was born with an incredibly sensitive heart that felt much more than the average child...

Mike Leon

Man with Arthritis Running Marathons?
Mike Leon: ...One of his daughters did not like nuts and was quite skeptical about the foods we were serving but she promised herself that she would try the foods. In her evaluation sheet she stated, “I loved everything, especially the lasagna....