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Sherry Orcutt

Five Decades of Ill Health Reversed
Sherry Orcutt: When I look back at my growing up years, I can recall that I have been sick all my life since I was seven years old, raised in a small little Mohawk Indian valley in Massachusetts.  A health food store was nowhere to be found (and still isn’t).  Let me take you on a five decade...

Mark Tanzi

Cholesterol Down 54 Points in 4 Months
It is amazing what four months of changing your diet & lifestyle can do to your body. This short term testimony should encourage each one of us to start making lifestyle improvements so that we too can experience improved health.

Frank & Mia

"But . . . I Don’t Eat Rabbit Food"
Most of his life, Henry was having a good time with his meat and potato diet and living the good life. Life was good until he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer after a routine exam in November of 2010. His PSA count was 33.7. It was a surprising diagnosis as he did not display any symptoms...

Ed & Trudie Flamboe

Rare Relapsing Polychondritis Healed
This rare condition causes disability and deformity in the majority of cases. Trudie is grateful to the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Plant City, FL for redirecting the path that the doctors told her she would be going down.

Jill Hargis

"Farah and I Have Something in Common!"
Jill Hargis: In early September 2008 I found out I had colon cancer after I had my first “baseline” colonoscopy at 52 years old. So much for routine procedures! Actually, the tumor was in the anal canal and fits in the ‘colorectal cancer’ group, so I usually only tell people...

Cydell McGhie

I told the doctor, "You won't find anything!"
Cydell was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2006. The doctors filled her with fear and she elected to follow their plans. After that, she found out about the Hallelujah Lifestyle and today she boldly proclaims, "I don't worry about cancer returning any more! I am doing my part and God will do the rest!"

Sandy Plumb

I Found Peace and a New Body!
Sandy Plumb: A new experience beyond my wildest expectations is how I can sum up my journey with Sherry and David at their Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center dba Back to Eden in Plant City, Florida. This has been a life-changing gift that my husband (Jim) and I will continue...

Joan Cassels

The Eating Habits of the Standard American Diet can be unlearned!
Joan Cassels: My journey into a healthier lifestyle really began in May of 1995 when a routine blood test revealed a triglyceride level of 2646 and a cholesterol level of 352.  I had heard of the Hallelujah Acres diet, and I got a copy of Dr. Malkmus’ book Christians Don’t Have to be Sick...