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Michael Hailey

Aortic Aneurism and Low Kidney Function Improved in 8 Months
Pastor Hailey discovered the benefits of a plant-based and juicing diet. He and his doctors were amazed when all of the numbers from his lab work were in normal range (for the first time in years)!

Roy & Myrtle C.

Working a Little, Resting a Lot to Working a Lot, Resting a Little
Roy & Myrtle: Myrtle (79) born in Alabama, came to Florida when she was 6 years old. Retired from the Hillsborough County Commissioners, as a Service Maintenance Clerk she and her husband of 63 years have made their life together in Plant City, Florida. They actually...

Jim Plumb

Improved Heart Condition and Lost Weight
Jim Plumb: My health challenges are many.  My arteries were 99% blocked, I’ve had five heart cauterizations,  four stints and a stroke.  In Vietnam I ran into a mine and was paralyzed – I had constant back pain and over time I was unable to take the prescribed patches and pain...

Karen Hood

Karen Hood’s Long Haul to Health
Karen Hood woke up one December morning nearly four years ago tired to the bone, as usual. She looked at the 16 medications she would take that day, and according to doctors’ orders, would take every day for the rest of her life and thought, “I just can’t go on living this way...

Janice Heid

No More Beta Blockers and Hot Flashes Gone!
During the third week of making the Hallelujah diet a lifestyle, I forgot (which I now know was the Holy Spirit!) to take the beta blocker and the symptoms did not return!  So for the third and last time, I spent the week easing off the drug and in the words of our Lord - "It is finished"!!!