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Beth Neidenbach

Sickly for 50+ Years – On the Road to Health in 12 Days
Read how Beth’s sick and broken soul and body buries all her illness into the cold Atlantic Ocean and is resurrected into a new, FREE, Healthy, Recovered person. This picture represents a HUGE miracle in her life. For over 25 years she could not tolerate cold water without...

Michael Hailey

Aortic Aneurism and Low Kidney Function Improved in 8 Months
Pastor Hailey discovered the benefits of a plant-based and juicing diet. He and his doctors were amazed when all of the numbers from his lab work were in normal range (for the first time in years)!

Libby Davis

"I used to be a sugarholic!"
I was always known to say "Eat dessert first, the world may end soon." I put a lot of focus on those sweet goodies only to learn that it was all deception and that sugar is quite harmful to my body.


"I Don't Look Like a Raccoon Anymore"
In the early 90’s, I started to notice white spots on my hands and feet and all my joint areas. I was diagnosed with Vitiligo – a condition where you loose the pigment in your skin...


"I Can Breath Again!"
In 1997 Frank started having breathing problems. He endured many tests in ICU and they found that his lungs had scar tissue on them. He was diagnosed with Idiopahic Pulmonary Fibrosis...

Craig & Vickie

After Visiting the Lifestyle Center, A New Perspective on Life
Craig & Vickie - Carrots, juicing and a raw diet have become a new eating lifestyle at our home. My husband and I had the great pleasure of spending 5 days at Plant City, Florida at the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center with Sherry and Dave Orcutt. The Orcutts run...

Dagwood and Blondie Discover Health

Dagwood and Blondie Discover Health
Dagwood & Blondie - Every group that comes to our Lifestyle Center, names their group. This particular week there were only two people who did not know each other prior to their coming. We believe each group is ordained by God - the perfect week for each person...

Brenda Bruner

Six Years Totally Raw!
Brenda Bruner: In my opinion, a combination of a raw food lifestyle and strength training is the answer to having a healthy body and strong bones. I am by no means "skinny", but I have good muscle tone and I feel great! I have more confidence in myself and feel comfortable about...

Daniel &  Mary Ischer

Business Trip Proved that Discipline Makes a Difference
Daniel & Mary Ischer: When we arrived at Dave & Sherry’s Lifestyle Center in Plant City, Florida we truly thought we’d be “dieting” and barely eating and instead we ate and ate and ate.  (Mary) The food was delicious and unique and we got to try food and spices we never would...

Jane Woodruff

A New Creature: Spiritually & Physically
Jane Woodruff: When I think back on where I’ve been, physically, in the past several years, I am astounded that I am even alive. I give the glory to Yahweh (the Lord) who has directed me to the place where I am. At 49 years of age, I thought my life had stopped…